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Welcome to the Projects section of Lush Gardens' website. Here, we invite you to explore our diverse portfolio of event projects, arts and design projects, and landscaping projects, each showcasing our commitment to creativity, innovation, and excellence.

Our event projects are curated experiences that bring together nature, art, and culture to create unforgettable moments. From vibrant cultural events to dynamic business forums, each event is tailored to delight and inspire our guests while fostering community connections. In our arts and design projects, we collaborate with local and international creatives to push the boundaries of artistic expression. Through immersive installations, curated exhibitions, and collaborative artworks, we strive to provoke thought, spark dialogue, and celebrate creativity.


Our landscaping projects, we transform outdoor spaces into lush, inviting environments that harmonize with nature and enhance the surrounding landscape. Our innovative designs, sustainable practices, and  attention to detail ensure that each project reflects our dedication to beauty, functionality, and environmental stewardship.


At Lush Gardens, we believe that creativity has the power to transform lives and enrich communities. Through our creative impact projects, we seek to inspire positive change, foster inclusivity, and create spaces where people can connect, learn, and thrive.

We invite you to explore our projects and discover the possibilities of creativity at Lush Gardens. 


All social events curated by Lush Gardens or collaborations and partnerships with Lush Gardens.

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All projects under art services provided by Lush Gardens' creative team.


All projects under landscaping & plantscaping services provided by Lush Gardens' creative team.

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